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30 Best DIY Wood and Pallet Planter Boxes Idea

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Everybody understands what a traditional planter looks like, and that is great, if you are planting a traditional garden or planning on leaving the planter mainly hidden.However, if you are using your plants or flowers for decoration in stained spaces or inside the home, you may want to choose something a bit different than what you might find at the dollar store. Having elaborate planters does not mean that you need to spend a lot of money in the stores or online however. In reality, virtually anything could develop into a planter if you opt to use just a little imagination.

1 substance that lends itself beautifully into building planters is wood. Whether you are repurposing a crate, taking good advantage of leftover pallets or making use of old barn wood, you may be certain that there are lots of ways in that it could be used.Let’s take a look at these innovative DIY wood and pallet planter boxes to style your home.

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