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20 Inspired to Repurpose Your Old T-shirts Ideas

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Whether you are getting a jump start on spring cleaning or merely lightly sorting through your stash of clothing, do you’ve sorted out heaps of old T-shirts which you don’t ever need to wear such as me? It is quite wasteful if I throw them away in the garbage. However, it is going to take up a lot more space in my mind or closet I could use for clothing.

Then what to do together? I search many sites and individual blogs and find many innovative ways to flip my old T-shirts into useable products. Old and discarded T-shirts could be changed into so many amazing crafts in the home, like the rugs that were practical, create green bags, trendy DIY jewelries, headbands and more. Hope that you may gain from these types of manners and create a few customized crafts of your home along with your old T-shirts.

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